Tibetan Singing Bowls: Invaluable Healing Tool or Great Decor?


I’ve always been fascinated by Tibetan singing bowls, but have never really had access to them or the courage to seek them out. Recently they made their way to me.

I am currently working as a Tarot Reader in residence at a “spiritual” store in a mainstream shopping centre that gets quite a large number of people through the door. It sells everything from furniture to spiritual wellness tools. They’ve got incense, salt lamps and crystals; oracle cards, flowy skirts and dream-catchers. You get the picture.

Recently the Store Manager was unpacking a box of Tibetan singing bowls and noticed that one of them was a little damaged and most likely unsellable. He gifted it to me while at the same time apologising that it did not come with a striker. I was okay with that. I had no idea what to do with it anyway. I took it home and promptly placed it on the coffee table admiring how the brass inlays complemented the frame on my newly hung mirror and the overall decor of the living room. Perhaps I could serve nuts in it?


A couple of weeks later the same Store manager walked over to my tarot table and declared, “Look what just arrived!” He was holding a number of stick type objects in his hands. I shrugged my shoulders and looked at him quizzically. “It’s the strikers for the singing bowls” he said, in an anticipatory tone. He popped one on the table and walked away. “Er, thanks?” I called after him while wondering if it was going to ruin the whole aesthetic of the bowl/mirror thing I had going. When I got home, I popped it inside the bowl and didn’t give it another moment’s thought.

Fast forward a few weeks and after walking past it numerous times I decided it was time to learn a little about nut bowls, I mean singing bowls. I started by giving it a little tap on the side with my new striker. Mmm, what a lovely tone. A few more. Ooh, this makes me feel all warm inside. The sound from the bowl was having an immediate physical effect on me. I was feeling the vibration throughout my body and it seemed to concentrate within my stomach area. What sorcery is this? I needed to know more.

A little research established that different singing bowls make different sounds depending upon their size and composition. Being somewhat musical, I recognised that the note emanating from my bowl was a natural note close to Middle C. A bit of experimenting on the piano confirmed that it was in fact Middle E (or E4). I headed down the rabbit hole and discovered that interestingly, each note on the C major scale has its own unique frequency or vibration and has a corresponding chakra which is attuned to it. Middle E has a frequency of 329.63Hz and corresponds to the Solar Plexis chakra. According to shantibowl.com, blocked chakras can be healed with the sound of singing bowls. On striking singing bowls, the corresponding chakra “recognizes” the frequency emanating from the bowl and realigns itself with the vibration, restoring “harmonious flow of energy”.

So my bowl had the potential ability to heal my Solar Plexis chakra? This chakra is the third chakra situated just above the navel. It is associated with our emotions, self-esteem and empowerment. Physical symptoms may include digestive or stomach issues. Oh dear, there were a few boxes here that I could tick. Emotional? Tick. Wavering self-esteem? Tick. Stomach issues? Tick.

Source: shantibowl.com

I started meditating and using the resonance of the singing bowl to work on my Solar Plexis chakra and these particular personality traits. I found the sound soothing and uplifting, and felt the vibration throughout my body, not just in the area of the relevant chakra. I also experienced an irresistible urge to chant in the same tone as the bowl. So exhilarating and surprisingly cleansing.

For some reason however, my family found it incredibly annoying. Turns out the strike of singing bowls is a sound that carries to every corner of an inner city townhouse with four highly strung occupants enduring the “stay at home” orders of a global pandemic. Hmm. This was something I would have to add to my “Things to Do When the Pandemic Ends” list. It’s just not compatible with Zoom meetings happening in the next room.


It stands to reason that, as a clairaudient, sound would play an integral part of my spiritual journey. However, I hadn’t fully appreciated that sound comes in many guises. It now makes sense to me that I have always loved music in all its forms and that singing could lift me vibrationally in a way I am only now beginning to comprehend.

So Tibetan Singing Bowls have added another dimension to my expanding understanding of how sound affects the physical, my clairaudience, and how things that are “meant to be” will find their way to you. You see, I never would have purchased that bowl myself, but it found its way to me, to be further explored in the future (when I can ditch the family). In the meantime, gee it looks pretty on my coffee table!

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