Coming Out of the Tarot Closet.

Coming out of the tarot closet

I’m not your typical tarot reader.

I’ve been reading tarot for over 25 years and I would say a substantial number of my acquaintances have no idea.  I don’t fit the typical tarot profile. Close your eyes and picture a tarot reader. Let me guess! You pictured an oldish woman with wild, grey hair wearing crushed velvet and hoop earrings. Looking into a crystal ball she’ll tell you that you’re going to meet a tall, dark and handsome stranger. I’m nothing like this! I studied science at university and worked in the pharmaceutical industry for a few years before moving into fashion and working as a shoe buyer for a large department store. Er, designer stilettos don’t exactly scream “tarot reader” now do they?

Tarot reader

You don’t look like one!


I’ve been quite reticent in the past to share what I do with those outside my inner circle. I once had someone explain to me that this was because in a past life I was a witch who was burnt at the stake for practicing divination. Further concluding that I was carrying that historical trauma in my energy field and playing that out in my current life. Hmmm. That might just be a bridge too far for me.

Since setting up my business “Tarot Den” I’ve been a lot more forthcoming, but still tend to wait until the inevitable question arises and I’m asked what I do for a living. Invariably I’m met with surprise and the response, “You don’t look like one”, or quite commonly as well, no response at all and a blank stare as they unconsciously take a step back from the devil worshipper. Now this is the other reason for my reticence. The stigma. Some people think that tarot and in fact all of the metaphysical and occult worlds are evil. This insults  my intelligence. Not only have I been practicing tarot for years, I have been studying tarot for years.

Tarot is filled with history and culture, and is a psychological tool. It helps us to access and decode our subconscious. Through symbols and universal archetypes, we “recognize” the imagery of the tarot cards which helps us to access the parts of our minds that already contain the answers.


Time to let my freak flag fly.

Benebell Wen puts it beautifully when she says, “At his or her most effective state, the tarot reader is a conduit, and at most, the tarot reader is an erudite, someone who has taken the time to learn a field and apply that scholarship to help others solve their problems through an analytical process that involves archetypal imagery.”

For me it does not conflict at all with my scientific background, if anything science has some catching up to do, with physicists and neuroscientists slowly unravelling the power of the human brain and the mysteries of energy exchanges experienced by individuals every day.

I see firsthand how powerful and therapeutic tarot can be. I don’t know how it happens, but somehow the right cards are chosen each time to describe a situation, give clarity and direction. This almost always brings great comfort to the person seeking answers as the cards confirm what they have intuitively known all along.

As my business grows, I’m more confident in my identity as a tarot reader, and am more comfortable living authentically. I’m immensely proud of my gift and the opportunity it gives me to help others. Yes, it’s time I came out of the tarot reading closet. “Hi, my name is Denia, and I’m a tarot reader”

P.S. I have borrowed the term “coming out of the closet” from the LBGTQIA+ community. This is in no way intended to trivialise what is often a traumatic experience. It is an excellent metaphor that has applications across all areas of life where one feels that one is not living authentically. So thank you. I first heard it used in this context by Seth Vermilyea in his podcast, “Coming Out of the Tarot Closet.” Thanks Seth.

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Tarot Den is Denia. She works as a tarot reader and energy healer in Melbourne, Australia. She is a Professional Member of the Tarot Guild of Australia, which actively seeks to raise awareness of the tarot, promote the study of tarot and to maintain the ethical standards in the practice of reading tarot. Denia can be contacted through her website