Tarot Den

Tarot Den

Hi, I’m Denia. I’m a tarot reader and psychic intuitive. I have also been given the gift of removing an evil eye or malocchio in the traditional way by my late grandmother.  I’ve been reading tarot since my early twenties and still manage to get blown away by its accuracy and ability to shed light on what is truly at the core of our problems, regardless of whether they are interpersonal or career related. My goal in a reading is to empower you with the information you need to make informed and enlightened decisions in life. You can have an impact on your future with the choices and actions you take every day.  It is not fixed. A tarot reading can show you potential outcomes that you can work towards or actively try and avoid and as such, take control of your life.

Increasingly I find myself being called upon to remove an evil eye or negative energy.  The evil eye is thought of as a type of curse inflicted to cause harm, suffering, or some form of bad luck on those that it is cast upon. It is almost always based in envy. It is recognized in cultures all around the world as malocchio, mati, hasad or nazar, among many others.

I am so grateful that before she passed away I inherited the secret ritual of “l’affáscino” (evil eye removal) from my Nonna. Tradition dictates that this is only possible on certain days of the year and to certain individuals.  The ancient ritual and secret incantations are traditionally passed down from generation to generation.

Malocchio/evil eye removal with Tarot Den
Tarot readings with Tarot Den.

While the concept of the evil eye dates back over 5000 years, I am finding it is more relevant now than ever. With the explosion of social media, there are more avenues than ever for others to peer into our private lives and unfortunately, not everyone is happy for our success. Social media feeds by nature are actually curated to illicit envy. We want our followers to believe that we have a fabulous life and want to aspire to be like us, hence the rise of the influencer. We need to be aware that this may leave us vulnerable to the evil eye.